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About Track Order

There are lots of people who ask me about track order of the files that I upload since I do not rename them. Here I will explain the simple way to know the order of the track.

Basically, there are two types of track names in the files that I upload. The first type is like this:1

And the second one is here.2

For the first type, you need to see LAST FIVE DIGITS in the name to know the order. Actually, last two digits is okay, but if that alone is not enough, you need to pay attention to the last five digits to know the track order. So, from the example above, you can know that the track order is 34, 35, 36, …, 41.

As you can see, there are no track in number 40 here. It can be happened because the tracks are incomplete or anything else. However, putting it aside, for the existing tracks, the way to know the order of the track is as I explain above.

For the second type, it is simpler to know the track order. As you can see, there are two part of the number which is divided by the sign _ (underscore). Just pay attention to the first part, the LAST THREE DIGITS is okay, and that is the order.

Sometimes, especially for the first type, there are two tracks that have the same last two digits. I myself cannot decide how to differentiate them. I let you all to figure them out. ^o^

Please don’t ask me to rename the file name because I won’t. If I do that, then there is no fun left for you do, right? 😀

I hope it will answer most of your question about the track order. And once again I remind you that all CDs here are just samples so please buy original CD to support your favorite actors.


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