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How to Download

To download drama series, you have to register at Hence I will explain to you how to register at this site step by step.

1. First go to the address and you will see a page like below.

2. Enter your phone number after choosing country’s phone code. For example, you live in Indonesia and your phone number is 081233334444, so choose the country’s code +62, and enter your phone number 81233334444.
Ah, if you do not understand Chinese, you may translate the page into English or your language to make it easier.
Click the orange box for the next step.
2. You will receive verification code through SMS, put the code on the first box.

3. Enter your password, confirm password and nickname in the next boxes.
4. Cha jang! You have become the member!Super easy, isn’t it?

5. Go back to my blog to download drama CDs that I have provided or browse directly.

Happy download, minna!

Since some people cannot register at xiami, here you may login using one of my xiami account to download:
username: jdramacd
password: uswatunhast

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