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Report Broken Link

I want to tidy up this blog, including the link. However, there are too many broken links in this blog to the point that I don’t know where to start. Therefore, I decide to only fix the broken link that you request.

You may request me to fix the link if:
1. The link is broken / not working
2. The link is directed to selling site such as play-asia or CD Japan
3. The link is directed to my other sites such as blogspot or xiami
4. The tracks are incomplete.

There are some old requests that ask me to fix the audio, but I have no choice but to reject them since I have deleted almost all my collection. However, you may request me to fix them again because I am in a process of adding my collection. I have confidence that this time, I can fulfill your request. Ehe.

Last but not least, please support the artists by buying original CD.

Thank you.

146 thoughts on “Report Broken Link

      1. thanks so much! i only recently came across your blog a month ago so i literally went through a lot of the tags; sorry to keep bothering you, i actually found more broken links that i’d appreciate if they could be updated! thanks in advance! (the one for 森永海里) (all 5 of these go to xiami) (links to another site for another cd)

        sorry again !



    The BAROQUE links above take me to upload ocean and I can normally figure out what I’m doing but I’m lost. after link bucks and shst it takes me to a page that just says “Files of uswatunhasanahast” I’m not sure if I needed an account so I made one but alas nothing changed. If the link isn’t broken could someone help me out and maybe correct me?


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